Administrator Guide


The administrator panel is intended for account management, creation of monitoring units, creation and editing of sensors, and much more, as will be discussed later. The panel is available for the system owners as well as for users with the administrator mode on. To enter the system, you must enter your login and password from your account. The administrator panel is located at the address:

The admin panel is divided into management and information blocks. Currently the system consists of:

  • Menu panel;
  • Information panel;
  • Panel of additional elements;
  • Control panel.

Provides the user with access to all the features of the system.

Section Description
Users Creating users, editing, visiting monitoring
Units Directly creating and editing units of monitoring
Groups of units Creating groups of units for a specific user
Report templates Creating and editing report templates, according to which information on the unit is being collected in the user interface
Retranslators Creating and editing retranslators for specific units
SMS gateways Creating SMS gateways for sending and receiving SMS messages on notifications
Statistics Statistics on users (current account is a root)
Reports Creating templates by various criteria and an option to export them
Mailing Mailing messages from a specific email to connected users
Recycle bin A list of deleted units (last date of recovery – 30 days from the moment of deleting)
Backup Data recovery service. Paid.
Third-party services Connecting third-party services to Gelios

Information field

The content directly depends on the selected item in the menu panel. In this block, information is displayed in a tabular form. The information is grouped by ID in the left part. If there are more than 50 elements, the system creates the next page of elements. The total number of records in the generated table is displayed in the top right part of this field. It is possible to enter information in the blank fields under the column headings, and thus search all the elements of the table.

Additional elements panel

Additional elements are the following:

  • Support – Intended for sending questions to the technical support service, to which we respond;
  • Connected services – Displays a list of connected services;
  • Third-party services – Services connected by users themselves;
  • Balance – Displays the balance history of the user’s account.

When referring to the technical support, you should state the essence of the issue or a description of the problem. The speed of answering a question or solving a problem directly depends on the essence of the question, its details and, in some cases, the images displaying the problem. Making your questions as specific as possible, you save your time and our time. Besides, the speed of the response is affected by the complexity of the issue and the degree of the developers’ workload. Most of the questions are listed in the FAQ.

The connected services include Backup and Customization. For more details about them, see the relevant sections.

Third-party services are connected by users themselves. Click the tab for this purpose.

The Balance table is meant for the history of receipts to the account and spending money or days. The table consists of four columns:

  • Date – Date and time of the operation
  • Balance – Number of conventional units when conducting an operation
  • Days – Number of days of using the account
  • Description – Comment on the conducted operation

Control panel

The panel is available in all menu items and is also rigidly attached to them. It is designed to perform operations with a specific element from the table. For more information about the control panel elements, see the corresponding menu bar items.