The section is intended for setting messages forwarding from units from the Gelios server to other servers.

The repeater is created by clicking the Create button.

The protocol for transmitting re-translation data from the available ones is specified in the opened window:

  • Wialon IPS
  • Statt
  • Granit V3
  • Granit V6
  • EGTS
  • NIS
  • WialonRetranslator
  • ApiBG
  • 3PLT
  • EGTS Glosav
  • ScoutOpen
  • EGTS (No confirm)
  • Galileo
  • GPSLog

The name of the repeater, server address, and port (Example: 20134) is indicated next.

Below is the Filter, in which it is possible to select existing groups of user units. Convenience lies in displaying units of a particular group or a particular user. Item Included Only shows the units already included in this repeater.

The General time is intended for specifying the time from which re-translation will be carried out on all marked units, if the unit does not have its own date. If you leave the field blank, then after saving the repeater, the current data will be re-translated by units.

Attention! Time is set by GMT

Below is the table with the units available for re-translation.

Id unit`s unique number
Name unit`s name
Time Selecting specific time period, from which the data from the unit will be re-translated. It is being updated as of the date and time of the last transmitted message in the process of re-translation
Identifier Unique identification number. The field can be edited (to make a copy of the unit at the receiving server)
Selection field Switching on/off of re-translation on the unit