The section is intended for creating reports for parent and child users. Currently there are 4 types of report:

Statistics on units

It is intended for building a table for active units for parent and child users for the selected month period of time.

The table consists of 4 columns, which contain information about the user's login; number of paid active units; number of free active units; the cost of one unit; total value of all units.

List of units

It provides an opportunity for all users to build a brief table of all units with their identifiers, IMEI, types of installed equipment and telephone numbers for communication. With the help of this report, you can quickly learn basic information about the units of all users.

Billing report

In this section, a report is generated on the total cost of all user units along with a list of all unit`s names.

Unit check

The section displays detailed information about the units, indicating their name in the monitoring system, specifying the owner's name, equipment type, IMEI (identification number) and contact numbers to communicate with the unit. Export of the report in .xls format is available.