Groups of units

The purpose of this section is to create and manage user-controlled groups of monitoring units. Most often, it is used to group a set of user units according to certain criteria (example: “Route 1”, “Route 2”, “Central District”).

To create a new group, click the Add group button.

In the opened window, select the user for whom the group will be created (if there are several), enter the name of the new group, and then click Save.

Go to the settings of the group of units To add units to it.

In the drop-down list, you can select previously created groups to shorten the list of units and if some of the units are already marked in other groups. Also next to the list is the item “In the current group”, which sorts the list of units, leaving only those that were previously included in the current group.

Next is a table of available units. It contains the ID of the units, their names in the system, the owner and the item, by selecting which the unit is added to the current group. After selecting the necessary units, click Save.


  • one unit can be located in several groups at once;
  • the list displays all the units that are available to the user (for which they have rights);
  • removal of this group is available to its owner and the user who created it.