I'm trying to add an object. I configure it to the right server and port, but the object does not respond, what's the reason?

Sometimes such a problem arises in users in case of incorrect data input. You need to reconfigure the connection parameters:

  • IP -;
  • Port: 20119 (each port has a different port for each hardware, you can find the list of ports and protocols for transferring data to them in the administrator panel when creating the object or by link);
  • Object identifier (usually IMEI equipment, serial number, etc.).

I want to change the customization logo. In the case of a bad result, how can I return to the initial parameters?

After saving, the selection field Delete appears under your logo. It is necessary to check the box, save and this item will be restored to the original state.

What is the new algorithm for fuel calculation?

We implemented an improved mechanism to process fuel readings. To use it, you need:

  1. Go to the Objects tab in the Administrator panel http://admin.geliospro.com/;
  2. Go to Fuel Consumption;
  3. Mark the items Use a new algorithm to calculate fuel and Use filtration for fuel calculation;
  4. In the Use filtration for fuel calculation field, specify a value from 1.5 to 2 (selected empirically);
  5. Calculate the approximate average fuel consumption per minute (data taken during the trip with the normal speed for the object);
  6. In the Maximum fuel consumption field for the period (7 liters by default), specify the previously calculated consumption, multiplied by 2;
  7. In the Refueling algorithm step period field (300 seconds by default), enter 60.

How to create a sensor and add it to the report?

To create a sensor, you need to select the item “Sensors” (6th icon) in the administrator panel http://admin.geliospro.com/backend/units/index in front of the desired object. When creating the sensor, the following fields must be filled in:

  • Type - Specify the type of sensor. In this case, a temperature sensor;
  • Name - Set the name of the new sensor;
  • Parameter from the message - Specify the parameter to be used by the sensor. The list of parameters is determined based on the messages sent by the device. Each device has its own parameters;
  • Measurement unit - Specify the value to be attached to the information received (example: liters (liters), km (kilometers), etc.);
  • Display - Allows displaying the name and value of the sensor in the user interface in the tooltip on the object.

Once the sensor is created, you need to add it to the report to be displayed there. To add a sensor to the report, you should:

  • Create/edit a report template in the Administrator panel http://admin.geliospro.com/backend/templatereports/index
  • Add/edit the table. You can also add the sensor to the graph as well.
  • In the logics tables (not in all), there is “Sensor name” item at the bottom of the list, by clicking on which the input field will appear.
  • Enter the sensor (exact) name in this field.
  • Once everything is saved and monitored, this sensor will be displayed in the report.