Recycle bin

The recycle bin contains the monitoring units deleted by the user and its child users.
You can delete items from the administrator panel only.

Attention! A units deleted to the recycle garbage can are deleted from there after 60 days from the date of deletion. This deletion is irrevocable!

The main information window consists of the following columns:

Id Unique number of the unit in the system. Id is assigned automatically and cannot be edited
Name The name of the unit displayed in the monitoring system
Owner The name of the user who created the unit and has all the rights for it (the parent can assign the owner to the unit)
Type of equipment Type of equipment installed on the unit
Identifier Unique unit identifier (IMEI, serial number, etc.)
Telephone The phone number on the SIM card installed in the equipment
Available to users List of users who can perform actions with the unit
Arbitrary fields Field for additional information on the unit
Free Determines whether the unit is free or paid (whether a fee is charged)
Type Determines whether the unit is mobile or stationary
Deleted on Date of the unit removal

The icon allows restoring the unit from the recycle bin, but completely removes it from the recycle bin beyond recovery. Restoring the unit takes several minutes.