List of frequently asked questions on the user interface.


1. How can I add an unit to the system?

You can add an unit to the system via the admin panel.

If you do not have access to the admin panel, you should contact the company that entered into a service agreement with you.

2. The unit cannot be reached for communication, but its status is displayed with a green arrow in the Vehicles field.

If the unit cannot be reached for communication and stops sending messages, the green arrow indicates that communication with the unit was lost when it was in motion (its last saved message is displayed for this parameter).

If communication with the unit was lost in the parking lot, the Parking sign will be displayed.

3. How can I copy an unit track to another unit?

To copy the track, click Import/Export (right sidebar), select “Track” and “Export” from the drop-down list, and choose the unit, date and WLN format. The browser will download the file with the extension WLN.

To import this file to the unit, select the item “Import WLN” (an icon on the panel in the unit line) in the Admin panel on the Units tab. Select the previously exported WLN file and download it.


1. Is it possible to show the speed at which the unit moved in overspeed notifications?

To display the speed of the unit at the time the notification is triggered, it is necessary to indicate the following in the notification text:

  • $perm_speed – allowed speed;
  • $speed – current speed;
  • $overspeed – overspeed.

Example: “Overspeed! The unit speed is $overspeed” 

Other questions

1. Is it possible to restrict map scaling?

Map scaling applies to all users of the system. A user-specific scaling restriction is not provided.

2. I have a negative balance on my account, although we have not received an invoice.

We are developers and do not deal with payment issues.

For all issues regarding the balance, please contact the company with which you signed the contract.

3. What does the dotted line on the map for the unit track mean?

The dotted line on the unit track indicates that communication with the unit was lost for more than 600 seconds (10 minutes) and that the unit eventually moved more than 120 meters.

If the track is drawn on the map with a straight line over obstacles (houses, bridges, rivers, etc.), it means that there was a loss of communication with the unit for less than 600 seconds and it moved more than 120 meters.

4. Where and how are the maximum speed of the unit and overspeed used?

Speed limits in the system are determined based on the data provided by cartographic services on road sections and used in notifications. Type: overspeed acc. to GIS.

The maximum speed in the unit settings is used in notifications, type: parameter control.

Maximum speed in geozones is used in notifications. Overspeed acc. to GIS is of higher priority.