Create GeoZone

The request is intended to create geozone.

Request Example

    "id_group": integer,
    "name": string,
    "coords": string,
    "description": string,
    "surface_area": double,
    "perimeter": double,
    "radius": double,
    "docs_surface_area": string,
    "max_permissible_speed": integer


Parameter Description
id_group Unique Group ID
name Geozone Name
coords Geozone Coordinates
description Geozone Description
surface_area Surface Area
perimeter Perimeter
radius radius
docs_surface_area surface area according to documentation
max_permissible_speed maximum allowed speed in the geofence

Additional Information

Without id_group it will save in default geozone group.

Server Response

	"id": 129510 // Geozone ID