List of GeoZone Groups

The request is intended to get list of geozone groups.

Request Example

    "with_geozones": bool,
    "id_group": integer,
    "without_group": bool


Parameter Description
with_geozones Parameter (1 or 0), exist to get list of geozone groups with geozones or without.
id_group Unique Group ID
without_group Parameter (1 or 0), point at getting geozone group. If parameter true then receive geozone group with id = 0, if false then group with id_group

Server Response

		"id": 11571, // GeoZone Group ID
		"creator": null, // GeoZone Group Creator
		"name": "TestGroupG", // GeoZone Group Name
		"geozones": [
			129510, // Geozone ID