Export of Group Report

The request is intended to export a group report to a file.

Request Example

    "id_group": integer,
    "from": timestamp,
    "to": timestamp,
    "report_type": string,
    "export_type": string,
    "language": string


Parameter Description
id_group Unique Group ID
from Start time of report
to End time of report
report_type Report type
export_type Export Type
language Language

Additional Information

The request exports report to a file with the specified type: export_type.

Report_type('unit_source' ⇒'Initial data', 'unit_movement' ⇒ 'Report on trips', 'unit_stay' ⇒ 'Parking report', 'unit_movement_stay' ⇒ 'Report on trips and parkings', 'unit_conn' ⇒ 'Lost Connection Report').

Export_type - pdf, xlsx, html.

Server Response

The result is a report file.