Unit Messages

The request is intended to receive unit messages.

Request Example

        "id_unit": integer,
        "from": timestamp,
        "to": timestamp,
        "fields": "string, string, ..."
        "is_online": bool


Parameter Description
id_unit Unique Unit ID
from Start time of unit messages
to End time of unit messages
fields List of required fields to recieve
is_online Unit online

Additional Information

Optional parameters:

fields - specify the individual fields of 'time,lat,lon,speed,course,height,sats,params,unit_type,unit_id,time_speed'. Several units messages site.sdk/?login=demo&pass=demo&svc=get_unit_msgs&params=[{“id_unit”:57,“from”:1422599311,“to”:1423466292},{“id_unit”:82,“from”:1422599311}]

Optional Parameter: is_online - receive messages only from online

Server Response

        "id":12615246, // Message ID
        "time":1516726445, // Time of message
        "lat":"53.909869", // Latitude
        "lon":"27.499587", // Longitude
        "speed":0, // Speed
        "course":0, // Movement direction
        "height":225, // Height above sea level
        "sats":0, // Number of satellites
        "params":"" // Parameters of message