User's info

Request provides possibility to receive information about user.

Request example



Parameter Description
id Unique Id of user

Additional information

Provides full information about user.

Server's response

User's info
    "id":24279, // ID
    "creator":24237, // ID of the creator
    "login":"newtestUser", // login 
    "is_admin":0, // 0 - user has no admin access; 1 - user has admin access
    "address_base":"Google", // Address base settings. **Warning!** This setting is available only on Gelios Server.
    "time_zone":10800, // Timezone offset in secconds
    "mail":"", // Email
    "phone":"", // Phone number 
    "account":"0", // Balance
    "cost_unit":null, // Unit cost
    "is_block":0, // User's status: 0 - not blocked, 1 - blocked
    "cost_day":null, // Limit for "Write off days" type
    "cost_mode":"", // Method of payment
    "days":null, // Amount of days on balance
    "winter_time":0, // Daylight saving time
    "legal_name":"", // Name of the legal entity
    "location":"", // Address
    "lat_lon":"", // Default map center coordinates
    "currency":"", // Currency
    "date_create":1516010338, // Date of creation
    "date_block":null, // Blocking date
    "last_login":null, // Last authorization date
    "services":[], // List of active services