When you click on the icon, the application settings form is displayed.

To activate/deactivate settings, you must tick/mark the checkbox opposite the name of the setting. The form contains the following settings:

Time zone
[UTC + 3] Time displayed in the monitoring system is selected
Date format
16.01.2018 You can choose the following variants for displaying dates: yyyy-MM-dd, MM-dd-yyyy, dd.MM.yyyy, yyyy/MM/dd, dd MMM yyyy (y - year, М - month, d - day)
Time format
00:00 You can choose the following time display variants: HH:mm:ss, HH:mm, hh:mm:ss a, a hh:mm:ss, a hh:mm, hh:mm a (H - hour, m - minutes, s - seconds, а - AM/PM
Switching to winter time Automatic switching of the monitoring system to winter/summer time
Do not group units on the map When the state is on, units on the map are not grouped together with indication of the total number.
Show routes on the map Show all created routes on the map.
Show the trace of the unit The trace of the unit is the distance it has covered; using which you can determine the route. The trace is displayed for a limited time.
Replace icons with movement signs Instead of icons of units on the map, arrows indicating the direction of movement of the unit are displayed.
Show the Units tab Enable/disable the Unit tab on the tab with the list of units
Geozone settings
Use addresses only Addresses will be used in reports
Use geozones as an address Geozones will be used instead of addresses in reports (if unit is in their boundaries)
Add geozones to the address Geozones will be added to addresses in reports
Distance measurements
Meter = 0.001 km, 3.28 feet, 0.00062 mile, 0.000539 nautical mile
Kilometer = 1,000 m, 3280.84 feet, 0.621371 mile, 0.539957 nautical mile
Foot = 0.3048 m, 0.0003048 km, 0.000189394 mile, 0.000164579 nautical mile
Mile = 1609.34 m, 1.60934 km, 5,280 feet, 0.868976 nautical mile
Nautical mile = 1,852 m, 1.852 km, 6076.12 feet, 1.15078 nautical mile
Height measurement Similar to distance measurements
Speed measurement
Kilometers/hour = 0.621371 miles/hour, 0.539957 knot
Miles/hour = 1.60934 km/hour, 0.868976 knot
Knot = 1.852 km/hour, 1.15078 miles/hour
Volume measurements
Liter = 0.264172 USA, 0.219969 UK
Gallon (USA) = 3.78541 liters, 0.832674 UK
Gallon (UK, Canada) = 4.54609 liter, 1.20095 USA
The default is “Not set”. Data on costs will be displayed with the currency mark selected.
Unit trace time
1 minute The time during which the trace of the unit will be displayed on the map. Available periods: 3, 5, 7, 10 minutes.
email Email address of the current account
Phone Contact phone number
Change password Change account password

Click the Save button to save changes.