Gelios monitoring system allows you to create a list of drivers employed by the company. Any of the drivers can be assigned to a specific unit, that is, be attributed to the vehicle. In the future, this will help to analyses the quality of the employee’s work and performance of his/her job duties with the help of reports.

The following functions are available on the Drivers tab:

  • Create and set up a list of drivers;
  • Add drivers’ contact details;
  • Assess the driver’s driving skills;
  • Assign the driver to an unit;
  • Display the unit on the map at the time of notification of the violation.

The list of drivers is located in the workspace of ​​the window. When the mouse is moved over the line, detailed information about the driver is displayed.

The following elements are located in the title bar of the notification:

Icon Action
Assess the quality of driver’s driving skills
Assign the driver to an unit
Go to setting of the driver’s record
Delete the driver’s record