With the help of Geo-objects, Gelios monitoring system allows you to monitor when the unit visits pre-set locations.

The following functions are available on the Geo-objects tab:

  • Creation and editing of geozones;
  • Creation and editing of geopoints.

At the top of the workspace are the switches Geozone and Geopoint. When you click on a specific switch button, a list of groups is displayed, including the set of geozones or geopoints added, respectively. When you click on the group name, the list of Geo-objects that make up the group unfolds. All geo-objects of the group are displayed on the map. The map is scaled so that all Geo-objects are displayed simultaneously.

The following elements are located in the group header row:

Icon Action
The group is minimized. By clicking, the group maximizes
The group is maximized. After clicking, the group minimizes
Go to group settings
Delete the group

When the group is deleted, all Geo-objects in it are deleted as well.