The waybill is the main primary document for accounting the driver’s work and mileage, vehicle route, issued daily to the drivers of vehicles.

To compose a waybill for the current unit, fill in the blank fields of the form, and indicate the time of departure and arrival, if necessary. By default, the following templates of waybills are provided:

  • Standard (description);
  • Form 1;
  • CSI (criticality safety index);
  • Form 4-C.

By clicking on the Generate a waybill button, you create an XLS file with the corresponding form of a waybill with the name of the view:

KZ_934_CDA_10_02.03.2017, where

KZ_934_CDA_10 is the name of the current unit; 02.03.2017 is the creation date of the file.

Further filling of the waybill is carried out according to the current legislation.