On the Vehicles tab, the current position and state of the units are monitored. This is the main tab of the program.

The following functions are available on the Vehicles tab:

  • Creating a group of units;
  • Tracking the position of an unit and a group of units;
  • Obtaining information on the unit;
  • Displaying units on the map according to filter conditions;
  • Getting quick access to the main functions of other workspaces.

The Vehicles workspace contains two tabs:

  • Groups - a list of groups of units;
  • Units* - a list of units.

The functional description is given below in the relevant subsections. The bottom of the workspace provides a panel for filtering and searching for units. The panel contains the following elements:

Icon Action
Displaying inactive units
Displaying active units
Displaying all units
Filters search field
Search by name
Search by phone
Search by arbitrary fields

When the status is selected, the Groups and units tabs display units only with the selected status.

* - available after activation in settings menu.